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FaçadeSignage 1.9.9 - Preview Released


You are invited to test release 1.9.9 of FaçadeSignage.

This is quite a revolutionary release because it introduces some new (and long-time awaited) concepts.

You can look a full video highlighting the features here:

Cue Timeline


Cues have now an extra dimension, and surfaces can start media at specific times, fade in and out them.

The whole timeline can be scrubbed like in a video producing software.

While not a full timeline, this evolutionary step will allow you to be more expressive without the hassle of creating many cues just to have a fade.

Also, the scrubbing is a real time-saver when previewing the sequence of media.



Following the timeline, also events can be triggered at specific times.

In the preview release the triggers are limited to sending OSC packets to any network node, to allow for integration with other software applications.

This will be expanded in the final release with MIDI and other useful events.

Show Control


A new panel gathering all the needed information for the current playout.

It can be easily resized and has Previous/Next keys to advance Cues.

MultiPlayer Panel


With this panel you can program and call Cues on players over the network.

This is useful for synchronizing big projects on multiple machines.
(Sync is not frame-by-frame but based of Cues)

This is not a beta release as it has been tested deeply, but since many additions have been made i hope you can

enjoy testing it too, if you are a beta-program participant you should have received the download link.

Thank you!

Stefano Baraldi

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How can I join in the beta program?
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