This is a list of events which can be used to intercept user actions or system triggers.
Events are defined as C# Action delegates, providing zero or more templated parameters.
Register to them as soon as possible in the plugin logic using this syntax:

TouchTopAPI.sampleEvent+= new Action<type>(delegate(type arg) 

// do your stuff
Or using the more compact lambda syntax:

TouchTopAPI.sampleEvent+= (arg) =>
// do your stuff


  • TouchTopAPI.onEventException(Exception ex)
    Raised when an exception is thrown inside an user-defined event.

Keyframes and Animation

You can retrieve name and index of a keyframe using and SceneKF.index.

  • TouchTopAPI.onKeyframeBegin(SceneKF kf)
    Called at the beginning of a keyframe animation.
  • TouchTopAPI.onKeyframeEnd(SceneKF kf)
    Called at the end of a keyframe animation.


  • TouchTopAPI.onSpaceLoaded(string spacename)
    Called when entering a space, at the end of the loading-setup.
  • TouchTopAPI.onSpaceClosed(string spacename)
    Called when exiting a space, just before the default reset animation and the screenshot.