TouchTop can play any video codec installed in Windows 7, using DirectShow filters.


In order to use installable codecs, the default video decoding system must be disabled and replaced by a new codec pack.

TouchTop has been tested to work properly using the freely available K-Lite Codec Pack (x64).


The installer process will prompt for the installation of this codec pack before running the software,

Please follow the instructions below to configure K-Lite Codec Pack, properly, since a default installation will not play codecs right:


  1. Choose Advanced installation
  2. In section "DirectShow video decoding filters", always associate ffdshow (libavcodec preferred) to H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1


  3. In section "DirectShow source filters", always associate Haali to MOV, OGG, MPEG-TS.
    Make sure you leave [use system default] for AVI


  4. Continue the installation confirming default options.
  5. Check the options "Configure ffdshow video decoder" and "Run Win7DSFilterTweaker tool"

  6. In FFDShow Video Decoder Configuration enable FLV1 decoder choosing "libavcodec", then exit the panel.

  7. In Win7DSFilterTweaker choose "preferred decoders", associate in 64-bit decoders always ffdshow (or ffdshow DXVA) for H.264, XVID, DIVX, MP4V, VC1, MPEG-2, MJPEG.


    Choose "Apply and Close", then exit the tool.



If, after the installation, you have any trouble reproducing some video files, here are some common problems:


1) AVI or MOV files do not play

Most probably that is because the AVI Splitter has been changed from system default (Microsoft) to something else.
You can use the Codec Tweak Tool under the K-Lite menu, run the manage source filters option and associate AVI to Microsoft filter and others to Haali.