FaçadeSignage can grab the PowerPoint live output, and use it as a source for the projection mapping!
This is an unique feature that will allow you to use a single PC to create incredible presentations and shows without using external video-input hardware.

There are two methods to visualize a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Using the Office PowerPoint application installed on your machine (version 2010, 2013, 2016)
  • Using the free PowerPoint Viewer provided by Microsoft.

Using Office PowerPoint Application

In order to use PowerPoint a very important step must be fulfilled, graphics hardware acceleration must be disabled.

  1. Open the PowerPoint application
  2. Click on the File tab, then on Options and Advanced
  3. In the left pane of the PowerPoint Options dialog box look for the Display secion
  4. Make sure the checkboxes Disable hardware acceleration are selected.

Using the free PowerPoint Viewer Application

Setup FaçadeSignage PowerPoint applications paths

  • Open FaçadeSignage and go to Options page, then select Set External Applications button.

  • Browse for the paths to both PowerPoint application (named POWERPNT.EXE) under the Program Files Office folder, and/or for the viewer executable (named PPTVIEW.EXE)
  • You can directly search for the executable names in the Explorer window
  • Once these paths are specified, you are ready to create PowerPoint resources in FaçadeSignage

Please proceed to the PowerPoint Resource tutorial for information on how to create resources.