The iPad application is currently being updated and not available at the moment in the AppStore.


Every FaçadeSignage installation can be controlled also using the iPad connector, availabile on the AppStore .

After installing it on your iPad please follow these instructions.

Auto-connect to the FaçadeSignage player

The iPad application will automatically search for the first player on the network.

If a player is found, the 0-1 switch will turn to 1 and you will be able to press the "play" button to start the player.

Please note that in order for auto-discovery to work:

  • The PC firewall should be turned off, or should allow connections on ports 33132-33135
  • The Wifi access point should allow communication between devices

If auto-discover does not find a player, you can set its address manually using the "Set Server IP" button.
You need to put the player IP that you can find using the PC network settings or looking at the "Advanced"
options in the FaçadeSignage panel.

Please note that, since a PC can have multiple addresses, you should pick the IP that is in the same WiFi subnetwork as the iPad.

When you use the manual selection of the IP, no check is made for connection and commands are sent to the requested address.

Starting the Player and unlocking the controller

You can start the player with the "Play" button.

When the player is started, the iPad connetor will allow you to call the pre-defined sets with the number keys.

In order to add and move surfaces you must unlock it using the "Lock" button (this prevents unwanted behaviour in live sessions).

The remaining keys will be enabled.

Moving and Warping a surface

You move between surfaces, selecting one at a time, using the "Surface Select" button.

The selected surface can be moved or warped.

In order to move it, you just use a single finger on the "Pad" section.

In order to warp it, you select the "Warp" mode and then choose one of the four corners before using the fingers to modify it.

(please note that in the current controller version only flat surfaces are supported)

Operations on Surfaces

Surfaces can be added and removed with the "Add" and "Del" buttons in the surface sections.

You can also use the "Reset" them to restore the initial state.

Operations on Resources

When a surfaces is selected, you can cycle through resources using the "Resource Selection" button.

If a resource has more than one region, you can also cycle with the "Region Selection" button.