FaçadeSignage is the only video mapping software with a real client-server architecture.

That means that the Panel and the Player can run on two different machines connected by a network.

Let's assume you have two machine:

  • PC1 has the software installed and licensed and you want to use it as a player
  • PC2 is a windows tablet or notebook pc, you want to use it to control PC1 player

Preliminary step: configure networking and firewall

It is very important that the two machines can connect each other through the network, so if you experience problems please disable firewalls on both PCs.

You either need to know their IP address, or their network name.

Export the portable FaçadeSignage Control Panel

Start FaçadeSignage on PC1 and use the "Export Control Panel" option in the Projects page.
It will ask a location where to save the FacadeSignageControl.zip file, put it on a USB pendrive or anything you can move to the PC2.

Extract the zip file to the PC2 and connect

Extract the zip file where you want on PC2, and start the FacadeSignageControl.exe application.

You will be presented a window where you have to insert the IP address or network name of PC1, like in the example below:

Click on Connect, if networking is correctly setup you will see the PC1 machine connected with a list of project files.

You can then choose a project from the list and start it.

The control panel will allow you to control everything on the PC1 player.

(Option 2) Installing whole software to PC2

You can also install FaçadeSignage on PC2, for it to control PC1 it doesn't need to be licensed so in this case just enter the trial mail and go on.
The "local" player will be the default one, but you can always switch to the Remote view with the upper sidebar combobox.