In order to create a Window output Resource a running process must be chosen first.

When using the DWM method, which is the quickest way to grab a window with no latency, the list of processes can be empty

Thist means that the application cannot access the rendered windows, and can happen for the following reasons:

  1. The PC is running Windows 8.1

    In Windows version 8.1 the DWM method does not seem to work anymore, while it is still available in Windows 7 and 8.

  2. The PC has an hybrid video card Intel/NVIDIA or Intel/AMD

    Most notebook PCs now have an hybrid graphics subsystem based on NVIDIA Optimus or AMD Switchabe Graphics technology.
    Since two cards are present on the system there could be problem sharing the rendered part of windows.
    You can try the following actions to fix the issue:
    • Use a single screen as output, not extending the desktop (this is the most common solution)
    • Set the NVIDIA or ATI card as the preferred method of rendering, as a global preference.
    • Create a profile that excludes the switching technology based on the executable name: in this case add both FacadeSignageStarter.exe and FacadeSignage.exe executable names.
    • Disable the Intel card using Device Management (not recommended)


If DWM method cannot be used please use the GDI method instead which, depending on operating system and hardware specifications, will have more impact on performance but will also be more stable.